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How can you tell whats been done to your home
How can you tell what’s been done to your home?

Heritage Building Consultants for East Coast Australia

Other building consultants will only refer to the relevant building codes, Australian standards and tolerances when doing an inspection. This might be completely fine if the house was built after the 1980s, but when dealing with old heritage houses and buildings there is a distinct need to understand the old methods used, how the house was actually built, and why they were built in the way they were. All of these factors are important to consider and are highly relevant when purchasing a home or property that is over 100 years old.

An experienced heritage building consultant can very easily tell the difference between a renovation (used to describe underlying issues with the house) or restoration (used when describing a property that has been carefully restored to its previous condition). Not choosing the right heritage building consultants for your Sydney or Newcastle heritage home could end up meaning you pay many thousands more than you initially anticipated.

Choosing the right building consultant

Christopher Bart has been the managing director at Australian Heritage Restorations for the past 15 years. During this time, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on heritage buildings and homes in conjunction with working with some of the world’s leading heritage architects and engineers.

Christopher realised there was a need for a specialised heritage building consultant as he had many clients calling him after purchasing heritage homes and properties that had been poorly repaired or attempted to be renovated. This resulted in significant damage being done to the structure, and would cost the new owners tens of thousands of dollars to repair. This all occurred within 2 years of purchasing the property, which should indicate how quickly poorly renovated heritage homes need money and attention.

Let Christopher Bart show you the difference between a renovation that covers all the problems and a restoration that will last you another 100 years.


  • Pre-purchase building reports
  • Defects reports on existing structure and newly completed renovations
  • Expert witness for building disputes
  • Expert reports for insurance disputes

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