Anecdote – more than one funny one from AHR

Here's some funny anecdotes

I wanted to share more than one funny anecdote with you on this cold winters day, as I watch people wondering where to get a coffee and thinking about how to stay warm.

They’ve happened over the past 15 years that Australian Heritage Restorations has been operating.

The first anecdote I have mentioned in a previous blog, but it’s worth sharing again.

We were working on a project on the mid-north coast.

My two labourers were feeding information to one of my competitors.

I sacked them immediately and rang my regular employment agency.

The next day I had two new workers, who were both aboriginal. (not that I care but it’s important to this anecdote!)

I received a phone call that morning from the client asking if I knew that there were aboriginals on site?

I told him that I’d take care of it as soon as I got there.

Arriving on site, I yelled out “toolbox meeting in the site office!”.

I explained to the two of them that there had been reports of aboriginals working on site.

The two of them looked at each other and then at me and assured me that if they saw any aboriginals working on site that they would notify me straight away.
Not only that, they would tell them to leave so that the client would be happy.

Problem sorted.

Funny Anecdote number two

We were restoring an old courthouse in the Hunter and the regular Project Manager was going on holiday for the rest of the project.

I had previously worked with the guy that replaced him and we were quite good mates.

A meeting was coming up and all the ‘big bosses’ were going to be there.

He and I decided to make him look good.

I told my guys to take off their PPE gear as the bosses were turning up.

The big bosses pointed out to the new project manager that the workers didn’t have their PPE on.

He tureen to me and read me the riot act.

Going on about a safe work place giving me an earful.

All his bosses smiled, patted him on the back and told him what a good job he did.

They left site, he and I went to the pub across the road had a beer and a laugh.

Ending this anecdote, we did tell the guys to put their PPE back on…

Funny anecdote number three

We were working on a pub in the upper hunter and sent our vegan carpenter there to work.

Normally, I wouldn’t mention if someone was a vegan or not, but again, it’s important to this anecdote.

You see, he was doing such a good job that we told him that he could have lunch on us.

The restaurant at this pub was known as top quality.

At the end of the week we got the receipts for lunch to reimburse him.

Every day and I mean EVERY day he always ordered the biggest steak they had on the menu.

I still wonder if he told his wife when he got home….

His secret is still safe with us.

I hope that these little funny anecdotes brought a smile to your face.

Personally, I know that I still laugh when I think about them.

Just goes to show that heritage building sites aren’t always serious.

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